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Coral planet

Our destination is the warm seas of the world, a mere pebble’s throw from the beaches and coastlines, as we dive below the surface to explore a world of coral. This is an explosive environment, full of vibrant colors and teeming with life. Though it covers only a tiny part of the planet’s seas and oceans, coral is the greatest cradle of marine flora and fauna. Icebreaker invites you to explore this world city, in which every living thing has its place. These living fortresses are constructed by creatures as tiny as they are mysterious: the polyp. With patient ingenuity, this tiny builder gives rise to a primordial world, where living beings are all connected to each other. On this coral planet, thousands of living things find the conditions they need to survive in the warren of reefs. Alliances take place between species here, interspersed with fierce battles for territory. A true marine epic drama is played out every day and every night.

Why this project ?

Coral. It’s another emergency. After the climate, forests, and biodiversity, Luc Jacquet continues his mission and contributes in his own way to make our species feel a little more at home, a little more invested in this planet of ours. With Icebreaker, he pursues what is important to him: bringing together science and emotion, using stories to win hearts and minds. Icebreaker joins forces with all those who work to preserve the great coral reefs, those who study them, or simply love them and cannot bear the idea of bequeathing our children a world devoid of life.

A project built on dual foundations

We are relying on the incredible work done with the scientific community to understand the issues, drawing on the most up-to-date knowledge to tell the best stories and find images that really hit the spot. The ecology of coral will be the page on which our story is written. Symbiosis, competition, mutualism, parasitism, courtship, trickery… All these traits will embellish a unique tale in which our characters’ ups and downs will, under a narrative veneer, efface these scientific concepts, that are useful to study, but too “cold” to win hearts.

The technical side will be our second foundation. Because to show coral as we want to do it, we will need to innovate, invent, adapt tools for filming and optics, in order to seek out in high definition what the naked eye cannot see. We will need to capture the infinitely small, the infinitely hidden, the infinitely sonorous, and the landscapes concealed behind the veil of water. And show – at all costs – the often gigantic dimensions of coral reefs, to make viewers understand…

One subject, many formats

We will tell the story of this coral world from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of media to attract different audiences. Because everyone is different, we will look to reach out to the widest possible audience through an immersive exhibition, a theatrical film, a documentary series, books, graphic novels, educational materials, and more. There is a multitude of stories to be found in the world of coral reefs, and we will select the most appropriate media formats to share them. Translated into multiple languages, these productions can be distributed all over the world.