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By continuing to look at the world from an individual or national perspective, our scope of vison is too narrow. Let’s change scales and think about the universal side of our species, let’s think Homo Sapiens! Let’s work together with NATURE ENTERTAINMENT STUDIO to reconnect mankind with nature.


This is the ambition dearly cherished by the filmmaker, Luc Jacquet.

Luc is an artist who is actively engaged in protecting the environment.

He and his team have created a filming method where both artists and scientists work together while on expeditions in order to make films which not only create meaning but also provoke emotions. As a result of these expeditions, they have honed great expertise in film-making for the cinema, in producing TV programmes, in creating pedagogical material and concepts and in popularizing scientific contents.

The alarm bells are ringing to warn us about the dangers of climate change and overexploiting natural resources, and scientists from all over the world are calling out for action to address these issues. We strongly believe that loving and understanding our world is a universal need. If mankind has a better understanding of the world, it will be looked after with greater care.  To reach this goal, we intend to use our experience to build a virtuous economic system in order to make a new kind of films and exhibitions which will promote these positive values. This economic model will require a high level of artistic quality but this, and the use of the universal language of images and emotions, will ensure that the works produced are screened to audiences all over the world.

Film-making is generally financed by signing pre-sales agreements with distributors, broadcasters, co-producers…. This system of financing, involving stakeholders with differing vested interests, leads to restrictions on the freedom to produce the initially desired content.

In order to reduce the number of intermediaries, who will take a share of the profits and thereby reduce profitability for the film-maker, the cinema must come up with a new way of producing and releasing films. Independent film-makers must find a new financing model if they wish to launch ambitious, high-quality projects needing to be widely distributed. Although crowdfunding is becoming more widespread, this system can only raise relatively modest levels of funding.

By capitalizing on the past experience of Luc and his team, and on the use of innovative funding tools, ICEBREAKER believes it can meet the challenge of financing a new kind of films and exhibitions which promote the virtuous and values of the projects.

This production model, similar to the approach of major studios, manages when, where and how the different productions made under Luc Jacquet’s control are distributed. It reduces investment risks and increases profitability.

Each project is designed so as to maximize the number of possible productions and spin-offs, such as ….

  • Full-length fiction feature movies
  • Full-length documentary movies
  • Documentary films and series for the TV
  • Virtual reality programmes
  • Web series
  • Exhibitions
  • Books
  • Multimedia works
  • E-learning…

In order to ensure the quality of each programme, it is vital to finance large scale expeditions which will entail organizing lengthy film shooting trips, using substantial technical means and building up strong, unprecedented scientific partnerships.

The blockchain universe is not just some new technological fad, or a market place for speculators; just like internet, this technology is in fact at the core of a host of new concepts and models.

Indeed, this ground-breaking approach will transform traditional ways of financing.

In addition to the funds raised by the STO* launch and the issuing of Tokens, further funding will be sought after within the cinema, audio-visual and music industry markets. Similarly, partnerships with famous brands/companies may be signed as part of their dedicated communication strategies.

* Security Token Offering

Projects will be monitored on a digital platform, specifically designed to consolidate the community, specifically designed to consolidate the community. The platform-users, token owners, will be allowed to follow film-shooting, editing sessions and post-production work live, thanks to closed-source live broadcasting software. They will also be invited to post their opinions on various subjects.

They will be able to access e-learning platforms which will host multi-level programmes linked to the various topics concerned by the films, documentaries, exhibitions and expeditions. We are sure that this shared, educational/recreational environment, developed in association with Luc Jacquet’s productions, will allow meaningful interaction and real value-added gains to both the communities and the projects themselves.


Film – TV series – Exhibition


Welcome to the Galapagos Islands, the laboratory of evolution which inspired the young naturalist, Charles Darwin. This setting will be the starting point for a full-length film which aims to explain to as wide a public as possible how this fascinating and invisible force affects all the living organisms on this planet without them actually realising it.

Understanding this mechanism of evolution, makes it easier to apprehend the future of our species and the consequences of the major changes that are already taking effect. In this field of study, the Galapagos Islands are brimming with spectacular lessons to be learnt.

Film – Exhibition


Let’s take time to travel and to contemplate. How would we survive without nature to inspire us, make us dream, cure our illnesses, calm us down, defy us? Following in the footsteps of the travel writer, Cédric Gras, it’s boarding time for a poetic adventure set in Outer Siberia, between Irkoutsk and Hokkaidō.

The film moves slowly, from the North to the South, and films the countryside as the leaves get redder and redder as the season moves on, and as the cold gradually begins to take its frosty grip. How much poorer would mankind be without all these different landscapes, this rich yet immaterial heritage which has impacted all the great civilisations? This slow wandering trip follows the pace of winter as it slowly begins to set in and the rivers as they bubble along, whispering softly in our ears.

Film – TV series – Exhibition

Where do we come from? Is it just a curious coincidence that, when men invented art maybe 30,000 or 40,000 years ago, they didn’t paint themselves, but the animals living around them? Even stranger, the animals they painted deep down in those seemingly timeless caves still fascinate us today.

Lascaux, as beautiful as it is extraordinary, is by far the most impressive of these caves. This work of fiction will take us on a trip 18,000-year back in time and try to help us understand who exactly were those people who, over just three or four generations, were able to paint mankind’s first ever masterpiece of art?

Film – TV series – Exhibition

Let us set sail for a voyage though warm seas and coral islands. And then, let us make ourselves so small that can see inside a huge coral construction, an underwater world built by minute, mysterious creatures. Here, the coral polyp, born to build, patiently constructs a whole, unique underworld where the lives of all the inhabitants are interconnected.

Just like explorers, we will venture into this beautifully stunning, yet gravely endangered world of coral reefs and, thanks to the use of unique camera techniques, we will peek inside this labyrinth-like city and observe even the tiniest creatures that live there and that no other human eye has yet been able to see.

Film Hackathons


This event will be a coming together of a hundred or so film and video makers, a sort of cinema hackathon. Once our trips and films are over, we are often left with hundreds of hours of unedited film footage which, for the most part, will never be used.

The Wildnights will provide an opportunity to make use of them. Gathered together in one place, the group of young artists will be allowed access to this footage for just two days and then be expected to produce films in record time. They will be left completely free to do as they wish. A jury of experts will preside over an awards ceremony organized to recompense and shed some limelight on the most talented participants.


I’m 50 years old now and cherish the idea that the world is always changing. Blockchain came as a real revelation to me. It is bringing about a revolution that will enable all of us artists, writers and creators to be free to create as we wish, unfettered by outside influences or the demands of intermediate sources

Luc Jacquet, spring 2018

Luc’s films have been screened in more than 80 different countries and have won numerous awards all over the world.



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Luc Jacquet

Having finished his studies in biology, Luc spent time in Antarctica where he discovered the two great passions in his life: images and scientific mediation. His first feature-length movie, MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, was seen by 25 million film-goers from all over the world. It received many awards, the most prestigious being the 2006 Oscar for the best documentary feature film. In 2010, he decided to get involved in helping to preserve nature using the emotions provoked by the magic of cinema. After ONCE UPON A FOREST, a film made in 2013, Luc Jacquet continued his film-making career by working together with the eminent glaciologist, Claude Lorius, to produce a new feature-length movie, entitled ICE AND SKY, which was screened at the closing ceremony of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.


This project is part of an ambitious multi-media programme which aims to raise awareness of the issues connected with global climate change. Luc also designed and produced the immersive exhibition called ANTARCTICA which was hosted by the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. It was seen by 550,000 visitors and was ranked 3rd for attendances at exhibitions in France in 2017.


2005: MARCH OF THE PENGUINS – Oscar for documentary films

Sophoklès Tasioulis

Sophokles Tasioulis is an international film producer based in Berlin and has worked for several broadcasting companies (Arte, BBC, Canal Plus, ZDF). He was in charge of developing financing and production of international projects in the Production department at Greenlight Media and later became head of cinema at Terra Mater Factual Studios and global head of cinema at Red Bull Media House (RBMH). Sophoklès then decided to refocus his activities on SOPHISTICATED FILMS, which he founded in 2005. He is one of the main producers of the Terrence Malick film, VOYAGE OF TIME, which competed at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival.


He has produced and co-produced several well-known documentaries such as CHEERLEADER STORIES (2001), DEEP BLUE (2004) and EARTH (2007), as well as live action features like SHOES OF AMERICA (2000), THE GREAT MATCH (2006) and animated films such as QUEST FOR A HEART (2007) and AMONG WOLVES (2010). His projects have been distributed by Disney, Miramax, Lionsgate, Gaumont, GAGA, Studio Canal…


Sophoklès produced 2 of the 10 highest grossing nature documentaries of all time and is an international expert in this kind of documentaries. Since the end of 2016, Sophoklès has been exploring the new opportunities that blockchain technology could provide to the entertainment industry. He is one of the few recognized expert consultants in these two fields (entertainment industry and blockchain). He joined ICEBREAKER in 2018.

Patrick Faivre

After initially working as an audio-visual director with large companies (EDF, AIR FRANCE…), Patrick founded his own company, a communications consultancy called BIG BANG, in 1990. He still runs the consultancy, which now employs 17 full-time staff. In Paris in 1998, he set up l’ECOLE BLEUE, a school of interior design and architecture. In 2000, he set up D-KLIK INTERACTIV, specialized in digital solutions. In 2002, he bought out GALA COMMUNICATION, a specialized packaging company and, in 2003, he set up a company named BOAO EDITION. In 2007 he created a subsidiary of BIG BANG COMMUNICATION in Romania and bought out ANDESYS, a multimedia creation studio. In 2008 he bought out MALICE, an advertising agency based in Lyon. In 2011 he became the owner of the production company, ASTER, which specializes in making nature and wildlife documentaries for CANAL + and France Télévision. He then began working with Luc JACQUET on developing the films ONCE UPON A FOREST and ICE AND SKY. Since 2018 he has been partnering LUC JACQUET in setting up ICEBREAKER and in developing ambitious artistic projects linked to the environment.

Dimitri Bélot

Dimitri has a PhD in private international law. Specialist in copyright, his thesis “la durée de protection en droit d’auteur et droits voisins” is a historical, legal and economic study of the French, European and American systems of the duration of rights associated with works of the mind. He also holds a Master of Science “International Business” from SKEMA Business School. In 2012, he joined Natixis Coficiné, a credit institution specializing in the financing of the film and audiovisual industries, as an assistant to the Legal Manager. In 2018, Dimitri joined the Media & Entertainment department of the law firm TAYLOR WESSING, the year in which he start working on the ICEBREAKER project. He joined LJPF / ICEBREAKER in January 2019.

Martin Blum

Martin has been working on movie sets for over sixteen years. During his early years he learned by working with directors such as Alain Corneau, Édouard Molinaro and Claude Lelouch. Assistant director, he began working with Luc Jacquet in 2006. It is the latter who will transmit to him the fiber of the great films of nature and with which he will lay the foundations of a long and beautiful collaboration. From 2012 to 2014, he worked alongside Jacques Perrin on the film LES SAISONS. From the Amazon to the Gobi Desert, Martin is broken into the delicate exercise of complicated filmmaking on the other side of the world. He is in charge of supervising the development of all ICEBREAKER projects.

Marysette Moisset

Marysette intervenes in the field of audiovisual production and in particular the production of films and series, documentaries and fiction, for television. Marysette has 34 years of experience in this sector. In 1984, she joined Coficiné, a credit institution specializing in the financing of the film and audiovisual industries, as head of credit management. In 1990, Marysette joined the bank B.U.O, as Head of Customer Audiovisual Production. Marysette then created the company “MM. Conseils “specializes in the audiovisual production sector which offers legal, administrative and financial assistance for all matters relating to the financial and legal arrangements for audiovisual production files. In 2008, Marysette joined the media / entertainment section of law firm TAYLOR WESSING as a lawyer. She joins LJPF / ICEBREAKER in 2019.

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

French-US environmentalist and academic. Independent adviser on sustainability issues, former Director General of IUCN, and International Union for Conservation of Nature. Marton-Lefèvre’s other board memberships include the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Global Footprint Network, the Turkana Basin Institute, the Oceanographic Institute- Prince Albert 1st of Monaco Foundation,  and the advisory board of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB.)

Fabian Vogelsteller

Vogelsteller is an architect, developer, and opinion leader in the realm of blockchain technology who has undertaken various Ethereum projects for users and developers, notably the Ethereum Mist browser, the Ethereum Wallet and web3.js, the most commonly used JavaScript library in the Ethereum space. Together with Vitalik Buterin, Vogelsteller initiated the ERC20 token standard, which triggered the worldwide wave of ICOs and redefined the notions of investment and property.

H.E. Bernard Fautrier

Vice-president Chief Executive Officer of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Minister Plenipotentiary, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on sustainable development issues.