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Reconnecting Mankind with Nature through images and emotions


We are no longer breathing air, but water. The living things here are not upright, but horizontal, and they change sex at will. Stones move, flowers walk, and stars sleep on the sand. The sky is made of waves, the sun and the moon reign far above, yet their discs are never perfect, instead always shimmering and blurred by the deep waters.

Here, time and scale are turned upside down. Unknown creatures exist in these depths, each bound to the rest.

With Planet Coral project, Icebreaker offers a new vision of coral reefs, a world away from the usual “aquarium” images. Like an explorer setting foot on an unknown planet, guided by science and emotion, the spectator will take a journey of discovery to places as yet unseen by human eyes: from the heart of the coral reef and the infinitesimally tiny, to the vastest of tableaux. The cameras will break free from the laws of physics to see the underwater world from a new perspective and glimpse landscapes comparable to those seen on the surface. Let us embark on an adventure into a fragile, uncharted world. A world so close by.

NEWS : GFCR supports Icebreaker

During Monaco Ocean Week, the Executive Board of the Global Coral Reef Fund (GCRF) announced its support for Icebreaker Studios for the Planet Coral project. Icebreaker and the GFCR welcome this collaboration which proposes an innovative investment using recoverable grant capital to secure revenue rights on behalf of marine protected areas is now being considered.

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NEWS : UNESCO partnership

We are lucky enough to visit some of the remotest places on the planet and talk to some of the world’s top experts. We want to share that good fortune and knowledge!

All Icebreaker’s stories have their roots in science. During the research and development phases around Planet Coral, a large amount of documentation and data will be acquired. And during the expeditions, Icebreaker teams will bring back a lot of content: interviews, videos, pictures… that we want to share as widely as possible. This is why UNESCO is partnering with Icebreaker to disseminate this content to its vast network of schools.

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