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Reconnecting Mankind with Nature through images and emotions

By continuing to look at the world from an individual or national perspective, our scope of vison is too narrow. Let’s change scales and think about the universal side of our species, let’s think Homo Sapiens! Let’s work together with IceBreaker Studios to reconnect mankind with nature.

Luc Jacquet is an artist committed to major environmental causes. With his teams, he imagined shipping concepts combining artists and scientists to create works full of meaning and emotion on each of his projects.

These experiences have made it possible to acquire real expertise in film production, TV production, content production and the design of educational and popular science programs. We are convinced that the need to love and understand the world is universal.

Biodiversity, climate change, exaggerated exploitation of natural resources, the warning cries have all been given, thousands of scientists around the world remind us regularly.

The more the world is understood, the more man will take care of it. With this positive objective, we hope, building on our experiences, to build a virtuous economic system, to produce films and exhibitions of a new genre, which promote these values. An economic model based on a high degree of qualitative and artistic requirement which allows the works produced to be disseminated worldwide thanks to the universal language of images and emotion.

Project overview

5 projects over 10 years

Films, exhibitions, e-learning, web-series, television documentaries & books.


Galapagos Islands, laboratory of evolution.


Take time for travel and immersive daydreams.


The secrets of the first masterpiece of humanity.


Destination: warm seas and coral reefs.


A festival to highlight young art talents.

Nature carries me and inspires me, I cannot imagine living without it. This thought inhabits me every day. Through my films and my projects, I want to share this taste for nature with everyone and make people change their looks. Images are a great tool for understanding, moving, and perhaps giving birth to beautiful active energies.

Luc Jacquet's films have been distributed in more than 80 countries and have received multiple awards around the world.

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Reconnecting mankind with nature

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