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Reconnecting Mankind with Nature through images and emotions

If we focus merely on individuals or countries, we can only see the world through a tiny window. We need a change of perspective. We need to focus on the universal things about our species. Think Home Sapiens! With IceBreaker Studios, let’s work together to reconnect mankind with nature.

Luc Jacquet is an artist committed to major environmental causes. He and his teams have devised expedition concepts that bring together artists and scientists to create productions that are packed with meaning and emotion.

Through his experiences, he has developed vast expertise in cinema and TV production, content creation, and the design of educational programs making science accessible to all.

From climate change to over-exploitation of natural resources, there are so many cries for help, as thousands of scientists from all over the world regularly remind us. 

We are convinced that the need to love and understand the world is universal. The more we understand the world, the better mankind will take care of it. With that positive ambition, we want to use our experience to build a virtuous economic system, producing a whole new kind of films and exhibitions that promote those values. An economic model that relies on the highest standards of quality and artistic flair, to create productions that speak to a global audience through the universal language of images and emotions.

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Luc Jacquet’s Siberia

Discover the 2021-2022 project

Embark on a voyage of contemplation in Siberia. Where would we be without nature to inspire us, treat us, soothe us, challenge us?

From the northern climes of the Russian Far East to the Sea of Japan, we are set for a poetic adventure to observe nature and its changing landscapes as winter draws near.

This project was inspired by a meeting between Luc Jacquet and travel writer Cédric Gras. Reading L’hiver aux trousses, the director visualized a story in the form of an epic journey, that would show the ephemeral beauty of the Russian autumn, and illustrate the soul of a country through a series of encounters.  

Project overview

10 years, 6 projects

Films, exhibitions, e-learning, web-series, TV documentaries, and books.


The Galapagos Islands, laboratory of evolution.
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Embark on a voyage of reverie.
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In The Land Of The Penguins

An immersive exhibition with the emperor penguins.
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The secrets of mankind’s first masterpiece.
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Coral Planet

A journey to the coral seas and reefs.
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A festival to highlight young talents.
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Nature carries and inspires me. I can’t imagine living without it. It’s something I think about every day. Through my films and projects, I want to share that love of nature with everyone, and change the way people think. Images are a powerful tool for promoting understanding, emotion, and perhaps inspiring people to take action.

Luc Jacquet’s films have been released in more than 80 countries and received numerous awards worldwide.

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Reconnecting mankind with nature

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