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Learn, become an expert of nature

Les bébés manchots empereurs plongeant dans l'antarctique

To feel and understand nature to raise public awareness of major environmental causes, this is Icebreaker’s philosophy. This is why the share of knowledge acquired during projects is a major issue for Luc Jacquet and his teams.

Share of our knowledge

High value knowledge for each project

Upstream of each work, Icebreaker performs two to three years of work with researchers, scientists, sociologists, historians to gain insight into the subjects covered. It is essential work for designing all the productions and writing the scripts for films, documentaries, exhibitions … But, depending on the narrative angles selected, many details are set aside when writing the films. So that this accumulated mass of scientific knowledge is not lost, Icebreaker is committed to reproducing it as faithfully as possible and to sharing it with everyone.

Meeting with the top of the scientific experts

For each of the projects, the Icebreaker teams surround themselves with specialists in the field in question, and thus access, directly at the source, the cutting edge of scientific research on the themes addressed.

This proximity guarantees access to reliable and precise knowledge and gives access to the latest advances and scientific research. For example, concerning the climate, the program relies on personalities such as:

  • Jerome Chappellaz
  • Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

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