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Patrick Faivre

Shareholder & Executive team

Brief info

After initially working as an audio-visual director with large companies (EDF, AIR FRANCE…), Patrick founded his own company, a communications consultancy called BIG BANG, in 1990. He still runs the consultancy, which now employs 17 full-time staff. In Paris in 1998, he set up l’ECOLE BLEUE, a school of interior design and architecture. In 2000, he set up D-KLIK INTERACTIV, specialized in digital solutions. In 2002, he bought out GALA COMMUNICATION, a specialized packaging company and, in 2003, he set up a company named BOAO EDITION. In 2007 he created a subsidiary of BIG BANG COMMUNICATION in Romania and bought out ANDESYS, a multimedia creation studio. In 2008 he bought out MALICE, an advertising agency based in Lyon. In 2011 he became the owner of the production company, ASTER, which specializes in making nature and wildlife documentaries for CANAL + and France Télévision. He then began working with Luc JACQUET on developing the films ONCE UPON A FOREST and ICE AND SKY. Since 2018 he has been partnering LUC JACQUET in setting up ICEBREAKER and in developing ambitious artistic projects linked to the environment.

Address: 98000, Monaco