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Coral planet

Corail de Luc Jacquet

Our destination is the warm seas of the world, a mere pebble’s throw from the beaches and coastlines, as we dive below the surface to explore a world of coral. This is an explosive environment, full of vibrant colors and teeming with life. Though it covers only a tiny part of the planet’s seas and oceans, coral is the greatest cradle of marine flora and fauna. Icebreaker invites you to explore this world city, in which every living thing has its place.

Tiny builders of the sea

These living fortresses are constructed by creatures as tiny as they are mysterious: the polyp. With patient ingenuity, this tiny builder gives rise to a primordial world, where living beings are all connected to each other.

A world in symbiosis

On this coral planet, thousands of living things find the conditions they need to survive in the warren of reefs. Alliances take place between species here, interspersed with fierce battles for territory. A true marine epic drama is played out every day and every night.

Exploring the coral world

As explorers, we embark on an adventure in this beautiful and amazing world, exploring the stunning environments using unique filming techniques. Dive with us into this labyrinthine universe to witness the infinitesimally small, never before seen by human eye.