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An immersive exhibition: In The Land Of The Penguins

Exposition Au Pays de l'Empereur

In The Land Of The Penguins is an immersive exhibition of visuals and audio that takes us on a voyage to Antarctica, a remote continent usually the preserve of international scientific missions. This journey leads the visitor on a voyage of discovery of the emperor penguin, with its extraordinary biology. Only they are able to survive on the polar pack ice, in the midst of the southern winter. The wealth of the images highlights the incredible struggle of this bird through its life and reproduction cycles.

Following in the footsteps of the emperor penguin, more than an exhibition, it was an expedition...

This exhibition transports families on a journey which captures the most incredible behaviors of the Emperor penguin. From the moment he leaves the ocean in March, his long journey in convoy across the ice pack and icebergs, the huge ‘singles fair’ in April, the amorous pas de deux in May and then the transfer of the egg from the female to the male, the female’s fishing trip in the deep open waters of the Southern Ocean, then the life cycle of the chick: hatching in July, its first tentative steps on the ice in August, penguin crèche in September, the parents’ tireless efforts in October and November, and the adolescent’s departure for the sea in December.

Shapes Chapiteaux

A grand Antarctic spectacle

Unlike in a theater, where the narrative is dictated by the pace of the film, in these exhibitions, visitors themselves determine how they will spend their time, discovering the story at their own pace or that of their children. Each person’s experience is unique.

In the Land of the Penguins have been designed as a new medium, somewhere between exhibition, film, artistic experience and scientific outreach. It is a medium that blends pure entertainment, emotion and storytelling with education and popular science. The sharing of knowledge is supported by digital art, conceptualizing and creating images of physical phenomena that retain an artistic component. The exhibitions change with time, the seasons, presence sensors… It is never the same experience twice!

Both spectacular and fun, the journey moves through enormous video projections combined with cinema-quality sound and workshops that enable visitors to slip into the skin of the penguins and gain an understanding of the challenges they face at certain crucial moments.

Manchot empereur

Back to where it all began: Antarctica

In 2015, a decade after March of the Penguins, director Luc Jacquet, accompanied by photographers Vincent Munier and Laurent Ballesta, led a unique expedition. A meeting between the expedition teams and the Musée des Confluences in Lyon resulted in a sensitive new exhibition, a true ode to polar biodiversity and the need to protect it.

Antarctica takes visitors on a journey to the Antarctic, a land only accessible to international science teams. For the first time, an exhibition offers the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of this icy oasis: visitors plunge into the depths of the Antarctic Ocean and venture out across the ice pack to discover the extraordinary biodiversity of the white continent.

Antarctica was the third most visited exhibition in France in 2017, before it moved on to the Übersee-Museum in Bremen, Germany and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels where, each time, it shattered records for visitor numbers.

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